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Queer Horror Recs for Pride

Happy Pride, Queer Fear blog readers! To start the month off, I wanted to offer a quick list of unique queer horror recommendations for your viewing pleasure. As much as I love to sing the praises of queer horror classics like The Rocky Horror Picture Show or Sleepaway Camp, there’s only so many ways to discuss them. There’s plenty of new, underappreciated, or under-discussed films in the queer horror canon, and that’s what I’d like to highlight. These films cover all manner of subgenres, budget

Interview: The 'Ripley' Costume Team Discusses Their Take on a Classic Wardrobe

Netflix’s Ripley seeks to expand upon the story of Tom Ripley’s descent into lies, deceit, and homoerotic madness. As the first serialized adaptation of Patricia Highsmith‘s novel, the cast and crew had significantly more time to explore the intricacies of Tom Ripley (Andrew Scott), his relationship to Dickie Greenleaf (Johnnie Flynn), and the ever-changing circumstances of his deception. A big part of this is the costuming lead by Giovanni Casalnuovo and Maurizio Millenotti. Their work is an in

What Went Wrong with the Jaws Franchise?

The impact of Steven Spielberg's Jaws on the film industry cannot be overstated. The film is largely responsible for establishing the summer blockbuster season that studios still stick to nearly fifty years later. It's easy to see why Jaws captured moviegoers' attention the world over: Roy Scheider, Richard Shaw, and Richard Dreyfuss' performances are top-tier, John Williams' score was instantly iconic, and the visual effects still look fantastic. Even without factoring in the aggressive marketi